InTouch is a magazine for the future, made by Femke Jansen, animator, Esther Bakker, illustrator, Sohaib Bouaiss, animator, Emma Soetmulder, illustratorand I. The quesstion we proposed is: How can we make an analogue magazine that would still be valuable in the future digital world?

The title 'InTouch' refers to the tangibility of a printed magazine and to the platform this magazine provides. The platform is meant for beginning or yet to be known artists and designers to get in touch with each other and to the viewers. The artists and designers are being introduced via interviews, reviews and photo reportages.

This issue starring Eva Koning, product designer, Marta Bevaque, photographer, Carmi Cioni, illustrator, Lun Liu, photographer , Vera van Wolferen, animator, Janie Lee, illustrator, Studio Kronk, graphic designers, Ryan Mrozowski, painter and Zigor Samaniego, 3D illustrator.

I have taken the executional role in the group. I have chosen a specific type of paper for each artist/designer, that would fit with their work. By doing so, their work becomes more personal. I also decided to make a velvet case with the title embroidered, so the magazine have a texture feel.

I did an interview with Lun Liu the photographer. I did an interview with Lun Liu, the photographer. Each question had its own page and a small photo booklet inside it to explain the question visually.

Ultimately, this magazine became very surprising and diverse. The reader could explore the different papers, posters, artists and designers. These qualities have promoted the magazine to be rich and valuable. This would not have been achieved if it was done digitally.