The Perfect You

'The Perfect You' is an interactive exhibition. I worked together with Juliette Klootwijk and Maleee Welmers.

Based on the methods of the situationist, we made our own detournement. We cut out facial features of female models from advertisements and invited people to assemble their own perfect face.

After they have chosen their perfect skin color, eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips, they submitted their work in a white box. The box was actually a paper shredder in disguise. We created something new from the shredded faces, in this case, a button.

Some people took more than 15 minutes to compose their 'perfect face' however, in just a few seconds their perfect face was shredded. Their time went to waste. We wanted to convey that the 'perfect face' we have in mind is shaped by the media and that there is no such thing as a 'perfect' face.

Throughout this exhibition, we have influenced the people's perception on beauty. In a sense that we prioritise our time and effort to achieve something that does not exist. Our point is not to say that people should not care about their appearance, but instead to be aware of the influenced societal aspect of beauty.