Ping Fan de Mo Li Hua

The title 平凡的茉莉花means 'the simple jasmine flower'. It is an illustrative book with minimal text. This book describes many roles, characteristics and symbolic meanings of the jasmine flower throughout the years in Fuzhou (a city in China).

The jasmine flowers had a personal role as comforter, an economic role as in tea and the decorative role in everyday utensils or art objects. The Yasmine flower gained and shifted throughout the history, throughout Fuzhou's wealth and poverty. I chose the 茉莉花(molihua) to unfold these stories.

My ancestral root lies in Fuzhou. Despite that I have never lived in Fuzhou, the process of creating this project has created a connection between me and my cultural roots. This was done through the literature and visual research I have encountered.

The images in the book consist of different layers. The paper cut images, inspired by the cork carving craft in Fuzhou and the transparent printed colours of blue (representing the personal aspect), yellow (a richer era), red (the communism era) and green (the Qing era).

By combining and striping the different layers, meanings are literally being unfolded and discovered.